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5 Great Reasons to Host Your Holiday Party in January!

While December is the traditional month for hosting holiday parties, there’s a growing trend to postpone the celebration until the craziness of the holiday season is over.

1. Kick off the New Year right!
Boost employee morale by starting the year off with a celebration of the previous year’s success and the promise of an even better year to come.

2. December is party overload
Between shopping, family obligations, traveling, decorating and holiday stress, your employees haven’t a moment to spare. Holiday parties in December can become more of a chore than a reason to kick back and mingle with coworkers.

3. Attendance Boost
Because December is such a busy time, your guests may opt to skip the holiday party all together. Venues require a final headcount and payment of food and beverage days before the event date, so any last-minute cancellations result in expenses that can’t be recouped. Plus, it’s not a party unless everybody can make it!

4. Extend the holiday fun!
After New Year’s Day, there’s a long holiday lull. This is the time when people will be eager for things to do. Give your employees something to look forward to!

5. New year, new budget!
If budget was a concern in December, January offers a new start. Having a fresh budget to work with may prove to be a better option than squeezing in an added expense at the end of the year.

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